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Austin H.

Mikari T.

Madyson W.

Kamya H.

Gracie S.

Shantay D.


Kamyah H.

vonda M.

Courtney S.


I learned a lot of valuable information from Victoria, and she was very honest and kind.



Securing Degrees really helped me realize all the opportunities I had to continue my education. Couldn’t have done it without the panel.


GPA did go up some significant amount of points, thank you God! Also, Victoria’s Securing Degree Debt Free Seminar was incredibly helpful. I appreciate it so much!



I just want to thank God, Victoria, and her seminars. I am paying absolutely nothing for college, plus I will have $1000-$5000 in credit each semester from unissued funds. She was a great help!


I enjoyed talking to Victoria…She gave me excellent pointers…She pointed out some things I did not think about as well.

Kayla W.

So far, I’ve been awarded $322,000 worth of scholarships for schools, and I have started my outside scholarship journey. Can you say “debt-free here we come”! #14Acceptances

Paige G.

Victoria helped me find scholarships that I can apply for my disability. I never knew there were that many scholarships out there. I won multiple scholarships with Victoria.

Janita F.

Securing Degrees Debt Free Scholarship Workshop for students and parents! Victoria and Frederica Lamar are here providing families with tools and strategies for finding and securing scholarships. Great information! Getting ready! #mybabyisajunior

Aboubacar B.

I really love the wisdom and motivation Ms. Victoria Lamar shares and instills to her people. I consider her a mentor! She has encourages me to apply to as many scholarships as I can, which I did. Today, as a second year student at Georgia Tech, I have not paid a single dime out of pocket. Thanks for all the techniques you shared with us.


I had a great learning conversation with Victoria and my daughter Jada. Victoria gave so much Information to my daughter in a way that I just couldn’t as a mom. She is kind, authentic, funny, and of course very driven. She also gave us more than an hour of her time and we never felt rushed or like it was some gimmick. She gave us some insider secrets which made us feel special! LOL! Victoria also gave us a connection at Georgetown, where my daughter is going. That alone went above and beyond. I am going to keep in touch and keep her updated on our progress. Thank you, again.

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