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Whether you’re a high school student dreaming of a debt-free college experience, a college student seeking financial relief, or a graduate student looking to minimize educational debt, we have the solutions you need. 

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What is Scholarship Tracking & Accountability?

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What is 1:1 Scholarship Coaching? 

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What is 1:1 College & Scholarship Coaching? 

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And Securing Degrees Offers Many More Resources That Will Guarantee You The Relief Of Not Having To Search For Scholarships By Yourself, Having Access To Hundreds Of Scholarships, And Weekly Accountability From Our Expert Scholarship Coaches. Included in our packages are:

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A Rotating List Of Scholarships Each Month, Where The SD Team Adds New Scholarships & Updates Existing Scholarships.

A Dedicated Team Committed To Finding Specific Scholarships For You Based On Your Background And Experiences.

A Secure Database That Includes Status Updates And Deadlines You To Be Able To Track Your Progress.

1:1 Scholarship Support from a Scholarship Expert & Coach

Scholarship Interview Prep and Guidance

Deadline Reminders & Scholarship Time Management Plan to Submit all Scholarships

Invest in Your Higher Education with Securing degrees

Scholarship Tracking & Accountability Plan


For High School, College, and Graduate Students

  • Updated Scholarships Monthly
  • Essay Editing & Review
  • Scholarship Application Support
  • Access to $11M worth of scholarships 
  • Access to Securing Degrees Scholarship Database 
  • 24/7 Access to Scholarship Experts

1:1 Scholarship Coaching Plan


For High School Seniors, College and Graduate Students

  • Two Monthly 1:1 Scholarship Coaching Calls
  • Unlimited access to your Scholarship Coach via Platform
  • Essay Editing, Support + Review
  • Access to $11M worth of scholarships
  • Financial Aid Appeals
  • Scholarship Application Support
  • Scholarship Accountability + Tracking
  • Access to Securing Degrees Scholarship Database
  • For High School, College, & Graduate Students

1:1 College and Scholarship Coaching Plan


For Incoming and
Current High School Seniors 

  • Two Monthly 1:1 Scholarship/College Application Coaching Calls
  • Unlimited access to your Scholarship Coach via Platform
  • Essay Editing, Support + Review
  • College & Scholarship Application Review
  • Financial Aid Appeals
  • College & Scholarship Application Support
  • College & Scholarship Application Accountability + Tracking
  • Access to Securing Degrees Scholarship Database
  • Access to $11M worth of scholarships
  • For Incoming High School Seniors
  • College Strategy Sessions

Scholars Have Been Awarded Over $15 Million Using Securing Degrees Scholarship Database And Tracker

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