Hi, I'm Victoria!

Securing Degrees

Founder & CEO

Raised by a single mother, I knew I needed to fund my higher education. My mother and grandmother instilled in my three sisters and me early on that college was a must.

What started as a quest to outperform my sister, who won $2 Million+ in scholarship offers, I learned how to stand out on scholarship and college applications. After all, I learned the formula! In 2018, I graduated from Westlake High School, accumulating over $3 Million in scholarships and offers, and I also profited tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships.

Since 2018, I have worked with numerous organizations, families, and schools to help students win scholarships! Through my personal experience, I have successfully taught hundreds of students how to obtain a debt-free education.


Why Securing Degrees?

Securing Degrees is recognized as one of the most innovative scholarship services for many reasons:

We provide personalized, affordable, and effective online and in-person scholarship and college application services.

We take a holistic approach and ensure that each student is equipped with everything they need to secure a debt-free degree.

We strive to improve the overall return on investment in education by helping students learn more in less time and at a lower cost.

The skills students will learn as participants in Securing Degrees Coaching Programs are transferable to all aspects of life.

Our Goals

Our entire team is 100% dedicated and committed to helping students submit winning scholarship and college applications. Each scholarship coach knows what it takes to win competitive scholarships. We have all the tools and resources you need to obtain a debt-free education. 

The scholarship process allows scholars to cultivate their strengths and improve upon their weaknesses, thus developing new leaders. We teach our scholars how to prioritize scholarship and help them see how their stories are extremely valuable, and when articulated in its best way can lead to many opportunities, in this case, scholarships. 

Accountability is a skill that each scholar learns throughout the scholarship process. We equip our students with the tools and resources to submit winning scholarship applications easily. We teach our students the importance of self-accountability, which leads to a more successful scholarship process. 

Meet The Team

Our Entire Staff Is 100% Committed to your debt-free education!

Securing Degrees, LLC prides itself in providing top-tier scholarship and college application resources to our clients. From firsthand experience, our entire staff has applied to over 100 scholarships and won a combined total of $5 Million in scholarship offers!

Jordyn Jasper

Jordyn Jasper

Outreach Coordinator
Journee Ross

Journee Ross

Scholarship Analyst
Tonya Sosa

Tonya Sosa

Scholarship Analyst
Frederica Lamar

Frederica Lamar

Lead Advisor


Securing Degrees, LLC is a space where students can come to get scholarship help and advice to decrease their debts towards higher education. Our scholarship coach teach students how to submit winning applications for college and scholarships.