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Helping biz owners & orgs create winning, compelling, and Persuasive narratives

Securing Grants offers a range of grant writing services to help your organization get to the next level. We specialize in storytelling and narration to articulate your organization’s mission, values, and goals to secure funding for your project and initiatives. Our “open-door” policy allows our clients to have full visibility to our grant writing process to ensure we are meeting your organizational goals at all times. 

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Our Grant Expertise

Securing Grants is proud to work with some of the best organizations in the country that are committed to the well-being and upward advancement of their broader communities. The proposals we’ve worked on have ranged from small to large organizations,  and projects for clients of every stripe, including:

small biz owner

small Biz Owners (For-Profit)

non profit organization

Non-Profit organizations

public and private charter schools

Public & Private Charter Schools

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Our services

Please email if you are interested in our grant writing services. 

Perfect for new non-profits and small business owners who are ready to tackle the grant writing process! We will create winning and persuasive narratives for the FIVE main grant questions that you can “Copy & Paste”!

Grant Writer Starter Pack: (starting at $650)

-> Inside the Grant Writer Starter Pack, you will receive five narratives (400-500 word responses) for five common grant questions. The truth is, the grant application process becomes repetitive after a while; this is why we offer the “Starter Pack” to make your life easier. A strong narrative from the start will save you from submitting “dead applications”. Securing Grants specializes in creating winning, compelling, and persuasive narratives. Our expertise in storytelling allows us to craft proposals that grab the audience’s attention. 

-> Included is a 30-45 minute discovery call. This call lets us understand your organization’s mission, values, and goals. This call will equip us with the tools to deliver a winning narrative. 

-> Please note: We can accommodate special grant support requests; if your need is outside of our current services, please email us at

Perfect for established organizations who have received grant funding in the past and organizations who are ready to commit to the grant writing process. We will be your “in-house” grant writer for the determined term and duration. 

Ongoing Grant Writing & Research Services: (Consultation Required)


-> With ongoing grant writing support, Securing Grants will research and write grants for your organization monthly. 


-> Having a dedicated grant writer significantly increases your grant chances. Securing Grants specializes in storytelling and understands the fundamentals of persuasive writing to appeal to specific audiences. At Securing Grants, we take the writing process very seriously to ensure we maximize your organization’s story. 


-> Securing Grants has secured millions of dollars for charter schools, for-profit businesses, individuals, and non-profits. 



Perfect for creatives, owners, and organizations in need of professional writing services 

Hourly Grant Writing Support (starting $85/hr)

Securing Grants offers grant writing support by the hour. Our hourly grant writing support starts at $85/hr, and the rate depends on factors including word limit, number of questions, and deadline. Before a project begins, Securing Grants will deliver an estimated hourly quote to be agreed upon. 

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We are excited to help you secure funding for your ideas, projects, and initiatives! 

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