Submit Winning Applications with 1:1 ongoing scholarship support

Securing Degrees offers ongoing scholarship coaching services to give you the best opportunity to obtain a debt-free education. We support you throughout the entire process by holding you accountable and keeping you up to date on deadlines and upcoming scholarships. Each plan includes 24/7 Scholarship Chat support where we will support you to ensure you are staying on track towards your debt-free goals. 

Are You Struggling With Securing Scholarships To Cover Your Education?

Do You:

  • Lack knowledge in the scholarship space?
  • Have a hard time knowing how to manage the entire scholarship process?
  • Have no clear direction on what to look for, or how to write a compelling essay?
  • Constantly submit applications that are not “winning applications”?

Multiple Scholarship Plans to support your debt-free journey

What is Scholarship Tracking & Accountability?

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What is 1:1 Scholarship Coaching? 

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What is 1:1 College & Scholarship Coaching? 

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Securing Degrees Understands The Time And Work That Goes Into Researching, Applying, & Winning Scholarships.

We have created the 1:1 Coaching services to help guide scholars and parents through the entire scholarship process. Our monthly services provide access to multiple scholarships while receiving expert knowledge and guidance on how to be the most successful at submitting applications.

1:1 Scholarship Support From A Debt-Free Scholarship Expert

24/7 Access To Our Online Scholarship Database

Essay Writing Assistance For All Scholarship Applications

Ongoing Scholarship Accountability & Tracking

Scholarship Time Management Plan To Submit All Applications

Scholarship Interview Prep

Our Scholars Have Been Awarded Over $15 Million In Scholarship aid and offers

Scholars Who are apart of our program Gain The Following:
  • Ongoing essay edits from scholarship experts who understand how to write a competitive and persuasive scholarship and/or college essay.  
  • A dedicated team committed to finding scholarships specifically for you based on your background and experiences.
  • Clarity about what scholarships are available to them based on their classification, race, economic standing, etc., and how they should apply to each of them.
  • A new sense of confidence while tackling the scholarship application process.
  • Improved writing skills that have proven to win thousands in scholarships.
  • Relief that they are now equipped with everything they need to attend college debt-free.

Scholarship Tracking & Accountability Plan


For High School, College, and Graduate Students

  • Updated Scholarships Monthly
  • Essay Editing & Review
  • Scholarship Application Support
  • Access to $11M worth of scholarships 
  • Access to Securing Degrees Scholarship Database 
  • 24/7 Access to Scholarship Experts

1:1 Scholarship Coaching Plan


For High School Seniors, College and Graduate Students

  • Two Monthly 1:1 Scholarship Coaching Calls
  • Unlimited access to your Scholarship Coach via Platform
  • Essay Editing, Support + Review
  • Access to $11M worth of scholarships
  • Financial Aid Appeals
  • Scholarship Application Support
  • Scholarship Accountability + Tracking
  • Access to Securing Degrees Scholarship Database
  • For High School, College, & Graduate Students

1:1 College and Scholarship Coaching Plan


For Incoming and
Current High School Seniors 

  • Two Monthly 1:1 Scholarship/College Application Coaching Calls
  • Unlimited access to your Scholarship Coach via Platform
  • Essay Editing, Support + Review
  • College & Scholarship Application Review
  • Financial Aid Appeals
  • College & Scholarship Application Support
  • College & Scholarship Application Accountability + Tracking
  • Access to Securing Degrees Scholarship Database
  • Access to $11M worth of scholarships
  • For Incoming High School Seniors
  • College Strategy Sessions